Pricing from $2300 – $3900 depending upon scale, date and location of wedding.
At Cleveland Photo Group, all photographic services include:

  • We are there for the whole day, start to finish. We have NO hourly limits or overtime charges.
  • Continuous all-day coverage of your wedding including preparations, ceremony, and reception.
  • Unlimited locations, and no travel fees within Northeast Ohio.
  • All images are yours to own (with no watermarks or copyright).
  • All images provided on a USB/flash-drive or DVD.
  • Image enhancement and retouching of some of our favorite selected images.
  • Pre-wedding consultation to custom tailor your photographic goals.

And we always include a free engagement session.

We can also shoot your wedding on film. Pricing available upon request.

Destination Weddings

Starting at $4,495/day
Destination weddings require a significant amount of planning and travel, we will need to discuss specifics with you in order to maximize your wedding photography. And, we love to travel!


Included when you book your wedding. This is a great time to get to know each other. All photos will be edited and provided on Dropbox or USB flashdrive.

Studio and Boudoir

Rates and availability vary. Please contact us for more details.


We would be happy to help you with printing your photos.


4″×6″ = $ 3.25
5″×7″ = $ 5.10
8″×10″ = $ 9.95
11″x 14″ = $23.20
Any other size priced upon request.


There are so many different types, styles and sizes of albums – traditional to contemporary, we want you to pick the one that suits you best. For weddings shot digitally, albums are not included in the cost. That being said, we can partner with you to get the album you are happy to look at for the rest of your life.

Videography Pricing

If CPG is shooting your photography, you pay OUR COST for Videography, which is $2500.
If CPG only shoots video for your wedding the cost for videography is $3500.

  • We are there for the whole day, start to finish. We have NO hourly limits or over time charges.
  • Continuous all-day coverage of your wedding with multiple cameras to capture every moment & angle.
  • Unlimited locations and NO travel fee within NE Ohio.
  • Video is yours to own! CPG will not maintain a copyright of YOUR video, but we will keep a backup video file, for safe-keeping.
  • Video fully edited with your choice of music. Final product in Dropbox on USB flashdrive and/or Vimeo/You tube (your choice).
  • Pre wedding consultation to custom fit your video need for your wedding day.